Saturday, February 28, 2009

CaliFoRniA FitNeSs ( JacKie ChaN SpoRts )

after talk and talk for so long...
finally, i really, without doubting....join a fitness center..haha
well...when the ppl asking for the aim/ goal of joinning...
im telling that..........................??
everyone..try guess what's my answer???
started few days ago...
and guess was not that bad than what i thought...
and i started to enjoy it..
hehe...aim for small tiny musscles on my tummy...keke..

did joined some of the dance classes like
-body combat
-pop dance
it was really fun...

my next classes
-latina flava
-belly fussion
and lots more..
well.....gonna..slp..just after my gym...tired..
so stop here...


Sunday, February 15, 2009

HoW To KnoW He/ShE LoVeS YoU

---A very obvious one when he takes interests in your matters like work schedule, it means he is really concerned with you and loves you.
---Whenever a guy keeps a track on your habits, remembers whatever you do and say simply indicates his love for you.
---When a guy wants to spend more time with you, dates out with you at places of your choice and share the your favorite pastimes then he is madly in love with you.
---If he gives more importance to his friends even if you are sick or in need of him shows his lack of interest in you.
---Changing of topic when you discuss about your future with him is not a good sign of a healthy relationship with your love.
---If he doesn't want to spend time with you or don't ever want to go out with you in public and never introduces you to his friends mean he does not love you.
---When he calls you or message you just to chitchat with you means he deeply loves you and was finding any reason to talk to you.
---If he is really concerned about you and loves you then he would always take out time from his busy schedule.
---When he keeps looking you when you are around and suddenly takes off his eyes when you look at him shows he's in love with you.
---When he praises about you to his friends, family and others means he truly loves you.
---His every action will make you believe he loves you.
---If he changes his plans or cancels them last minute then he is surely avoiding you.
---If he is trying to be friendly with you and tries to make an effort to know more about you shows signs of love for you.
---You can make out from a person's eyes. The person in love with you has special shine in his eyes when he's talking to you.

Today, guys find it more difficult to know whether the girl whom they are dating or with whom they are seriously in love shares the same feeling for him or not. Now-a-days, girls have made it trend to flirt out with guys openly. In case your girl too is putting you in a confusing state of “she does” or “she does not” then here are some tips to figure out whether she really loves you or she is just being nice to you.

---If she cares for you and always take interest in your activities then she truly loves you.
---If you come to know from her family and friends that she often brags about you shows her love for you.
---If a girl tries to get closer to you by touching your hands, shoulders or cheeks means she likes you.
---If she keeps staring you when the conversation is on depicts that she likes you and want to say something but is shy of that.
---When a girl blushes on your talks and keep praising you in front of your friends then she loves you.
---When a girl does not respond to the messages or calls given by you it means she is trying to avoid you.
---If she doesn't want to declare it in public or make some excuses when caught by your close friend in public by saying, “ he's my friend”, shows her disinterest in you.
---If she never praises you and keeps counting flaws in you means she's trying to dissolve the relation by taking these flaws as the base.
---A girl is deeply in love with a guy is she accepts his family no matter how they are.
---When she talks to you very nicely after a long time means she is in need of you and is talking to you merely for your company as she has no other solution.
---If she always encourage and motivate you to go ahead with your plans then she is an ideal lover and is sincerely attached with what you want from your life.
---If she wants to spend some time with you and want to help you out in every project or assignment means her love for you.


When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out.
There is no spectacle on earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves.
What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined... to strengthen each other... to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories.
Love is composed of single soul inhabiting two bodies.
True love never dies for it is lust that fades away. Love bonds for a lifetime but lust just pushes away.

Sympathy constitutes friendship; but in love there is a sort of antipathy, or opposing passion. Each strives to be the other, and both together make up one whole.
Love is not love that alters when it alteration finds.

VaLeNtiNe's leGends

We celebrate valentine's day every year on the 14th of February with our beloved...
However, i believe most of us dont understand the legend behide...Let's have a read on how this special day begun..

The romantic festival of Valentine's Day is said to have originated in pagan times in Rome when people celebrated annual fertility festival called Feast of Lupercalia in mid-February.
A unique custom of the festival was the mating of young boys and girls for a year through a lottery system. Quite often the couple would fall in love and marry. Strongly associated with the festival of Valentine's Day are the legends of three or more Saint Valentine of Rome. One of the most popular legends says, Valentine or Valentinus lived in Rome when the country was under the reign of Emperor Claudius II. It is said that Claudius engaged Rome in several unpopular and bloody campaigns.
To maintain a strong army, Claudius continuously needed to recruit soldiers. But to his disappointment Claudius found that most men were unwilling to join army because of their strong attachment with their wives and their families.
To get rid of the problem, Claudius banned all marriages and engagements in Rome.
A romantic at heart priest, Valentine, secretly arranged marriages of young boys and girls and defied this unjustified and callous order of Claudius.
When the Emperor discovered this defiance, he put Valentine behind bars and he was finally executed on February 14, about 270 AD.
For his great service, Valentine was named a saint after his death. By Middle Ages, Saint Valentine became the patron saint of love and lovers in England and France.
In 498 AD, when Pope Gelasius decided to put an end to pagan celebration of Feast of Lupercalia, he declared that 14th February be celebrated as St Valentine's Day.
Some scholars however, say, romance was linked with Valentine's Day because of the popular belief in England and France during the Middle Ages that birds began to start looking for their mate from 14th February.

Monday, February 9, 2009


the main purpose of this post :.....
haha...muz be something to do with all those ayertawarian..
aiskkkk...all of them going back to tasteless water without the knowing of me...
( must blame money and fish,..never inform )
dsl called on sunday to ask me back...but cant make it as im in malacca..keke
nothing to do in kl, so pergi malacca..mana tau they all went back AT..
sigh....i missed out another gathering..
shoud be last gathering with the present of yeefang and hengchiang
...miss u guys lots...
and...the bad thing was...
they discover a new/great place in tasteless water..
guess what...
of course i just managed to c the picture taken by them rather than going to that place myself...
im curious on where that place is...
can someone tell me?????
it looks like beside hutan only...
or someone's hse???

here's the picture.

for those who r new to this place..come let's guess wer is it..?

purposely mms by 'someone with black-hearted' to make me bad ^^