Wednesday, April 23, 2008

SpeCiaL daY

if i were to say..i would say tat i had experienced a great night.
like a normal students..we went to fill up our stomach after finished the class.
wow..we really hav a satisfied meal..then, we drive to sunway piramid for a movie (plan to watch forbidden kingdom). unfortunately..TGV dont have midnight show today..
we moved on to 1U to continue the plan. is the place where our bad night have started..
i did a mistake by leading the group the the different level (level 3 while GSC shall be in the upper level) and we thought the cinema is closed for midnight show also as its dark and the entry is lock..
due to the strong desire to watch the movie..
we drive our car to a different parking area as we are trying to look up on the old GSC..
in this different level..
we are taking the long way to get into the shopping mall (Quite blur tonight)..
we realised the new GSC is not closed and we managed to get the tickets for the movie.
because of the laziness to walk after movie..we went to our car (which is park far away from the cinema (LG) and this journey really give us an adventurous experiences..

at the 1st place..the lift stopped at a level which is so dark and it scared us for the first time..
then we went to the different floor from where we park the car..four of us walk in a silent and scary exit..suprisingly..we couldnt find the way out..although we had tried for hundreds times..
its like a ghost is there to block our vision to find the way out..
we are really scared and nervous..
with a fast-beating heart, we suddenly heard a door-closed sound..
and we screamed and ran like a mad child..haha..
den we go to a different level to find our car..and we couldnt get..
"ohno, our movie gonna starts soon, FAST", the friend said..
we walk faster and went back to the same level and walk through the same exit..(long and scary with many doors)
after open and open the doors..there's still no way out..
"ghost!!" someone screamed..and we ran like mad people once again..
almost die of heart attack..
can you ever imagine of the situation faced???
its really scary..
fortunately finally we managed to get our car..
and we had enjoyed the movie in a scary, sweating, tired condition..
what a great night i have gone through..

Friday, April 11, 2008

stupid lecturer

wat a lousy lecturer i hav.damn..
purposely do tat to me...wat benefits he will get with tis??
izzit for his own satisfication..he can ignore a student feeling and future.?
human is da most scary living things in tis world..
they can do anything without think and cares for the feeling of others..
but nvm...i wont gif up..and i will show u tat u r wrong.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

no rest for success

Success is a journey not a destination a year fromnow you may wish you had started today.
Every beginner is a winner.
Success is not escaping problems but facing them creatively.
There is no success without sacrifice.
Great success always calls for great sacrifice.
Even failure can become an important ingredient to success.
Failure just means that you have not yet succeeded.
I’d rather change my mind and succeed than have my own way and fail.
Success without conflict is unrealistic.
Any person can be successful on smooth seas, but it is the victory over the storm that gains true honor.
Success doesn’t come through the way you think it comes; it comes through the way you think.
Never settle for less than success.
Success is doing something good.When you can, where you can, while you can.
It’s better to attempt to do something great and fail, than attempt to do nothing and succeed.
Success is not necessarily reaching your goal- but reaching the maximum possibilities in light of the opportunities that come your way.
To keep your values on target remember to live so that when you “arrive”, you’ll have pride behind you and hope ahead of you.
The success is truly the path to heaven.
Success is never ending, because success is like the process of seed planting.
Every creative contribution like a seed planted may bear fruit.
Success finally is not what you have it is not what you do;
it is who you are, and what you want to become of yourself.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

miserable life

life is full of obstacles..'
sometimes when u think u r right, it turns into wrong
when u think u r wrong, its definitely wrong
when u think u love her, it ends up u r the one hurting her most
how can u express ur love?
there's no answer.
y everyone is blaming on u..
in fact u juz wan to get bac things tat u suppose to hav
and the person who take away the things belong to u..
got supported by everyone.
y is he alwis got da victory
although there is zero good thing he has all of u..
izzit he's born to get all da love and support
while no matter how perfect the rest did..there're no a single praise
and when u accidently do wrongly..u will get blame and scolded
i know i hav ur love..and i was hurting u..
i'm sorry to do so..
mayb its a kind of jealousy..
for him to get whatever he wants with all helps and support..
while i need to struggle to own a little tiny thing
this is called life..
and u cant blame others
wat u can do is..muz achieve every single things in life
and be the top of everyone
i'm still love and care of her
and i strictly dun allow anyone to hurt her
tis is my promise to u..
u will c me success..and be proud of me
i love u..