Friday, May 16, 2008

crazy outing

yesterday nite..
after da class at 4pm..we went for ice skating..
it was reli silly..cant even balance myself...
after 1hour hangging at da side...finally can skate by my ownself slowly..
after skate..the legs was reli pain..
went ktv somemore..haha...
guess wer we went for ktv??
all da way from subang to kajang,,..
crazyyyyyyyyy right??
reach home middle of da night..
loss my voice (coz sang like a mad gal)
but reli enjoyed..

Sunday, May 4, 2008

8TV superstar

haha...having 2 exams today..morning and evening..exam ends at tired and exhausted..but yet...rush to stadium for superstar!!!
reached at 7pm and waited for one n half hour before it starts..
so hungry...
guang liang's performance is great..!! i like it..
tell you wat...listen 'Yan Huo' live is super duper amazing...
took some photos with phone(forgot to bring camera.)wat a waste..
i should carry my dvcam together..sigh..sob sob..
lazy to upload it here..will uploaded next time...
feel so tired now...gonna end here..
sleeping time...ZzzZzzz....