Wednesday, October 29, 2008


what is the meaning of friendship...

some says :
"Friendship, as understood here, is a distinctively personal relationship that is grounded in a concern on the part of each friend for the welfare of the other, for the other's sake, and that involves some degree of intimacy. As such, friendship is undoubtedly central to our lives, in part because the special concern we have for our friends must have a place within a broader set of concerns, including moral concerns, and in part because our friends can help shape who we are as persons.'

people says :
"Friendship is a type of interpersonal relationship that is found among humans and among animals with rich intelligence, such as the higher mammals and some birds. Cross-species friendships are common between humans and domestic animals. Less common but still of note are friendships between a non-human animal and another animal of a different species, such as a dog and cat. Individuals in a friendship relationship will generally welcome each other's company and often exhibit mutually helping behavior. Friendship is generally considered to be a closer personal relationship than an acquaintanceship, although there a range of 'degrees of intimacy' in both friends and acquaintances. For most people, there is an overlap between friends and acquaintances."

Homosapiens says:
One might like someone because he is good, or because he is useful, or because he is pleasant. And so there are three bases for friendships, depending on which of these qualities binds friends together. When two individuals recognize that the other person is someone of good character, and they spend time with each other, engaged in activities that exercise their virtues, then they form one kind of friendship. If they are equally virtuous, their friendship is perfect. If, however, there is a large gap in their moral development (as between a parent and a small child, or between a husband and a wife), then although their relationship may be based on the other person's good character, it will be imperfect precisely because of their inequality.."

what you say about friendship??
what is your definition on it??

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

lOvE FroM FaMilY MemBerS

love from family members are the greatest love..
no matter what mistakes we did..
they will always forgive..
when you are down..
they will always be there to support you...
when you are happy..
they are happy too....
when something bad happens..
they are the one who worries....
especially mum..
she will always be ready to sacrifice for you...
the love from her is so strong...
but we as childrens..
think all the love given is a necessary..
the word 'appreciate'...
forever not in our dictionary...
why all this happened??
shouldnt us apologise to our beloved mother..
for being not understanding..
for neglecting the feeling of a mother..
if there is something bad happens...
a mother will always hide from the child..
for the reason not to disturb and let the childrens worries..
mum's love is so great...
that all of us should appreciate...
as well as the love from a father..
and siblings...
appreciate the family's love that you own..
cherish the love...
not to disappoint them anymore...
it's so important than anything in this world..

Port DiCkSOn

wat i do in this 1 month holiday.
well..nothing much except sleep and eat...
and...i went to Port Dickson..haha..another family trip..
bcoz of this trip...i dint go back for the party..
and fish told me they enjoyed...
kinda wish i was there...
after bac from the trip..
i realise i bcome tank... reli tank , fat , and ugly ( my pimples)
here are some photos of it..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

1st TriP

haha..guess wat..
im in malacca now..!!
hoho...bored to be in kl edi..
so....move on to malacca loll......
the scary thing in tis place is...
i can put on weight very easily....
lots of delicious food...
eat eat eat..and slp slp last...
i will become.....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


what is that?
Some say it is to be healthy and loved,
some say it is to be pretty and curved.
Some think that it is to be popular,
to have lots of boys at your beck and call.
Some feel that it is to be the teacher's pet,
to be the apple of everyones' eyes.
Some say that it is to be real lucky,
and winning the lottery every week.
Some say it is to never fall down,
ensuring success in everything you do.
Some say that it is to be with your loved one,
making out in the sun all day.
Some say it is to drink a cup of hot milk,
while listening to the radio at full blast.
Some say that it is to have lots of freedom,
to be able to stay up till midnight without any shouts from your parents.
Some say it is to be able to play at the theme park,
escaping death every time the rollar coastal cart makes a twirl.
Maybe that is what happiness is,
maybe to them that is what makes them contented.
Everyone have different views of happiness,

to me,
whatever that makes me feel warm inside,
is considered my happiness.
The stars up in the sky,

the cool breeze of the wind,
the silk skirt that I am wearing,
the ice-cream in my hand.
The walk in the rain, the stroll with my mum,
the tee from my dad,
The chat with my brothers,
the hug from my sis,
the completion of assignments,
the time to read novels.

Road to happiness...
Depends on individuals...
Depends on you...
Depends on me...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The ColOuR oF lOvE

For some folks the color of love is
Red ... fiery and hot,
For others the color is
Blue ... placid and calm,
For some it's
Yellow... caring but cautious,
For others it's
Orange ... rich and fruitful,
For some the color is
Lavender... gentle and kind,
For others it's
Purple... sacrificing and giving,
For some it's
Green ... with its go, go, go,
For others the color is
White ... pure and undefiled.
But for me the color is
Rainbow ... Red and Blue,Yellow and Orange,Lavender and Purple,Green and White.
The Rainbow painted by God
is a symbol of forever-love,
And as long as there is sunshine and rain
there will always be Rainbows,
And as long as there are Rainbows
there will always be
for you.


Whether by strange coincidence
or divine guidance
in the course of our life
we cross paths with
many people.
Some move towards us,others move away.
Some we choose to remember,others to forget.
But with a special few we seem to have no choice,
for each has made an impact on the other,
and their memory will live on forever.
These people we call friends.
You, to me, are such a one.

sleep sleep sleep whole da im sleeping..
huh....reli like a piggy edi...
but..who cares??? i enjoy sleeping...!!
planning to work on tis holiday..
who knows...lazy worms come find me...
so ..............stillllllll.......
stay in da hse and sleePPPPPPPP

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My face

after so many days...
its still da same..
full of sad lol..
all bcoz of teluk batik's dirty water...
already make appointment on another facial treatment...on wednesday...hoho...
hopefully it will recover soon...
if not dun wan go bac ayertawar for dsloong bbq...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

SleePing HolidaY

3rd day of my holiday...
thinking back on wat i have done tis 2 days...haha...
guess wat...
of course sleep sleep sleep and sleep...
i can just sleep the whole day from nite 11pm till da next day 2pm..
after eat and bath...continue sleeping till 8 o'clock....gosh...reli piggy.!!
Besides sleeping..of course waiting for my port dickson trip..haha..looking forward on it..
tryin to come out with some plans to colour up my sem break...
any suggestion???
i miss tasteless water....haha..
tasteless water..wait for me!! im coming!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

haPPy BIrthDAy DsLOOng

cont from Blame Ayertawarian...

well..after swimming..continue the day in Mcdonalds...
and helping durai to celebrate birthday in advanced..

da cake i choose da cheapest 1..haha....

But delicious la..

and da photo of those involved..


bLaMe AyerTAwarian

da 1st post after im bac...
specially dedicated to ayertawarian...

( Fishy, Keh Jiun, Dsloong, Jenan, Lingzhou, Jaywin, Wei kien, Alan and Itik )

all because of them...
pulled me to swim at teluk batik..
da worst part is after i did my face treatment....
as we know..da water so so dirty.....
and face bcome as below..:
the 1st time in life ..i hav thousands of pimples on my face...
till today still neva reduce...
sob sob.....cry!!!!!!!!!


yahOO..finallY..i finished exam d lol....
so happy...
haha..leave my blog for 1 month.. back..!!!