Saturday, August 22, 2009

eXam StreSS

Almost everyone feels nervous before an exam.

Butterflies in the stomach and worrying thoughts -

'Will I be able to answer the questions?' 'Have I done enough revision?' -

are indications of exam nerves that are probably familiar to all students.

In fact, a certain amount of nervous tension probably helps us perform to the best of our ability, producing a rush of adrenaline that helps us to feel alert and focused.

But too much anxiety can BLOCK thoughts, create a negative frame of mind, and lead to panic and potentially poor exam performance.

There are a number of things you can do to help manage exam anxiety and turn uncomfortable, panicky thoughts into more creative tension.

Anxiety management techniques

Thought-stopping technique
When we become anxious we begin to have negative thoughts ('I can't answer anything', 'I'm going to panic' etc). If this is happening, halt the spiralling thoughts by mentally shouting 'STOP!'. Or picture a road STOP sign, or traffic lights on red. Once you have literally stopped the thoughts, you can continue planning, or practise a relaxation technique.

Creating mild pain
Pain effectively overrides all other thoughts and impulses. Even very mild pain - such as lightly pressing your fingernails into your palm - can block feelings of anxiety. Some people find it helpful to place an elastic band around one wrist, and lightly twang it when they are becoming anxious.

Looking out of the window, noticing the number of people with red hair, counting the number of desks in each row... all help to distract your attention from anxious thoughts and keep your mind busy. Mental games such as making words out of another word or title, using alphabetical lists etc are all good forms of distraction.

Bridging objects
It can help to carry or wear something with positive associations with another person or place. Touching this bridging object can be comforting in its own right, then allow yourself a few minutes to think about the person or situation which makes you feel good. This can have a really calming effect.

In exam anxiety or panic we often give ourselves negative messages, 'I can't do this' 'I'm going to fail' 'I'm useless'. Try to consciously replace these with positive, encouraging thoughts: 'This is just anxiety, it can't harm me', 'Relax, concentrate, it's going to be OK', 'I'm getting there, nearly over'.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

HapPy BiRthDaY FisH

before i begin.....
i shall turn back the time to 02.08.2009. i can start...

HaPpy BirThDay BrainLess Fish..
Let me explain y i say so...

have you ever see people who being so brainless by making himself stuck in crowd on his big day??
and when u ask him...
he is trying to pujuk himself by saying ' so what, i have thousands of people celebrating my birthday'. haha..funny??

buying himself a birthday present worth RM799..
haha richi man....
wanna know what he bought??

this is the gift that he bought for himself....

he told me that he regretted of buying this camera after 30minutes..
wakaka..really brainless..!!

anyhow...u did enjoyed your birthday in the crowd right??