Sunday, November 16, 2008

New HaiR style

hehe...guess wat again... malacca lol..
and wat's different?
hair style lol..
bac to straight hair liao..
and its short...
but not too short oso...
ppl says..
homosapiens who not in the correct mood will do some changes to their hair..
and sometimes big changes..
and i agree with tis....
guess how i look like now..
erm....kinda weird i guess..
hope will be better after some time..

Thursday, November 13, 2008

LaSt DaY iN TasTeleSs WateR

well..after 2 weeks sitting peacefully at home..
its time to go bac to kl to start a new sem..
i dun1 to leave tasteless water..
i dun1 to stay far from home..
but i have to..sigh....
no matter what..yet..i dun forget to enjoy to the fullest before i leave...
nothing besides eat eat eat...
went to city kopitiam...

the place i fill in my hungry stomach

Here are what i ate for tonight's dinner..yummy!

ABC ice kacang=also known as 'dao bing'

Main Course...

coconut tomyum

just 1 dish??
of course nope..

salted fish fried rice
hehe..enjoyed tonight's dinner..
but..i have to apologise to my mum..
i never appreciate the food that u cook just for me..
especially the fried prawns....
dint even eat one of them...
what a naughty daughter i am...
feel so guilty liao...
(actually i totally forgot)..
when i reached home middle of night..walk near the dining table...
only realised the prawns is still there..u reli kept them for me...!!
so touched...
(Mum is always the best!!)
And definitely..
at last..i did ate all of those prawns...
(ehem...still not so bad girl hor..??)
its 100X tastier than the food i ate in city kopitiam.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


although there're lots of problems bothering me lately..
making me hav no energy to move on...
but yet...
im delight for having u..
thanks for letting me know tat u r there for me no matter wat..
thanks for being there for me..
thanks for letting me realise wat true fren is..
thanks for letting me know tat i still have u..
thanks for letting me know u r here..
i hav gone throo the hard time in life wer there r no1 to believe on me..
there r no1 to who reli care for my feelings..
thanks for the post u r replying...
im putting it here for me to remember..
remember that im not alone..
i still hav u...My LaoPo

Monday, November 10, 2008

i gOt U

Just from someone who r true, who'll alwis be there, who i appreciate forever..!
thanks for everything...

RepLyiNg PoSt...
This post is dedicate to someone that i think is very important in my life and someone who i couldn't afford to lose to and someone that are in desperado and exhausted now...(...u know who u are...)

JuSt WaNt To LeT YoU KnoW ThaT;

When you facing thousand of obstacles in life
=I will always stand by your side through thick and thin without making
any complaint

When your laughter and enjoyment seem to be decreased day by day
=I'll try my very best to bring back your laughter and enjoy every moment
that we had together and I'll make you enjoy more and laugh more that
you deserve to

When there are many thing bothering you
=I'll sit down quietly and listen to each words of you day and night
without making a fuss
Whenever you face a problem
=I'll always be the first one to kneel down and pray for you
When you are weak
=I'll always be there to give you my support to make you strong
When you are going to fall
=I'll always try my best to catch you before you fall
When you are sad
=I'll try my very best to cheer you up
When your tears dropping down
=I'll lend you my shoulder and wipe away all your tears
When someone betray you
=I'll promise i will never do so
When you think that life is not worthy
=I'll always make your life colourful again
When you have a secret to tell me
=I'll always be there to talk with you even throughout the night
When your sky begin to fall
=I'll stay with you all the time and go through it with you till you smile
When you feel empty inside
=I'll let you know that you are not alone
When you need place to hide
=I'll always lend you my hand
When you need some space
=I'll always lend you my room in my heart
When someone break your heart
=I'll unbreak it together with you
When you get lost out there
=I'll always show you and bring you home
When you feel bored
=I'll always take my time and spend with you
When you are hungry
=I'll always share my last piece of chocolate with you
When you are cold
=I'll always keep you warm
When you need someone to comfort you
=I'll always be your consoler
When you need someone to be there and whenever you need me
=I promise i will be there with you till the very end..

I'll keep each of my word and promise...
I PROMISE from the very bottom of my HEART

Saturday, November 8, 2008


life is it true??
thinking back on the year when i was still a kid...
there're no worries, no burdens..
nothing much to be care about..
everyday the purpose of going to school is not of studying..
its waiting for the recess time to play along with the friends..
the life as a kid is so free..
i can do watever i wish to..
that time..i have the most colourful living..
there are laughters everywhere..
and life passed with happiness everyday..

but...things changed when i grown up..
there are lots of points in life to be thinking of..
every minutes, every seconds.,
i need to face thousands of obstacles in life..
laughters and enjoyments..
seems to decreased day by day...
for every moves that i made..
i need to think carefully..
as i need to bear with all the consequences..
there are so many things that bothering me..
whenever i feel that things have been settled...
some other problems pop out..
things not under cntrol..
everything happens beyond my expectation..
i'm exhausted...really exhausted...
why it is so different from the life when i was still a small kid...
i miss those days when all of us played around ....
i miss those days when we can still laugh even after being beaten by the teachers..
i miss those days when our laughters filled up the neighbourhoods...
i really miss all the funny and colourful that i had before...
the life that brighten me up...
but i know..time can never turn back...
and yet i'm delight,,..
for having such a special memories in my mind..

Friday, November 7, 2008

tiMe FlieS

without the knowing of me..
its already one week im in AT
which means holiday left a week more... fast it gonna ends soon...
i want a longer holiday lolz..
dun wish to go back to campus...
feel so lazy to start carrying all those heavy books...
enjoying sleeping and eating now...
all those ayertawarian start their holiday soon...
while they enjoying ..
sadly...i am not there...

Monday, November 3, 2008

TaSteLeSs WaTeR

tasteless water....
a small town where i belong..
a town where happiness can be found..
a place where full of laughters..
although it is just a small tiny town..
but in here...Tasteless water..
is where all the joyness accumulate..
A place where all the housewives..
‘pak gua-ing’ on the neighbourhood….
People over here…
Are so friendly…
Kind-hearted and helpful…
No matter where we go…
And where we are....
Ayer tawar…will always on our mind…
We can hear..
The birds singing everywhere..
The dogs bark..
The cats miao…
Not forgetting the…
Beautiful noisy sound..
of the chicken cocks…
early in the morning…
the fresh air refresh our mind..
people can reach the destination just on time..
as…over here…
there’s no traffic jam..
before start to work hard on the day..
a plate of ‘kam puang’ is a must…
it’s just a simple noodle…
with a super great taste…
when the sky getting dark…
and the night comes..
this is the time…
where all the people gather together….
To rest and ‘chia duai pao’….

the teenagers in town..
having a hobby..
which called 'pak kuan..
for the kids..
'ba ba' and 'min min ku ku'
is their favourite games..
Tasteless water…
Is the place I appreciate the most…
The place I miss the most…
The place I’ll always be..
AyEr TaWaR..
Is a great place to enjoy..
An awesome place to relax…
An amazing place to be..!
It is the proud of us..
Who Known as

Saturday, November 1, 2008


living in this society..
making me realise that people around us are all materialistic..
people tend to concern with material things than with spiritual , intellectual, or cultural values.
How to know when you're materialistic.
That's easy!
It's when nothing you have is good enough for you,

but it still is good enough to make you think you're better than other people.
You'll see materialistic people in public everyday.
When self-consciousness and insecurity increases,
people bcome more interested in acquiring material things to help them feel better abou themselves
You just gotta laugh inside at them
as you see their head swelling from their self made greatness.
You should only value the important things in life.
Most of the important things have blood running through them.

Why must we be materialistic??
People with strong materialistic values
appear to have goal orientations that may lead to poorer well-being..
Those who having higher materialistic attitudes
tended to be poorer
and to have less nurturing mothers than those with lower materialism scores..
They live in a very unhappy life..

stop being materialistic..
Try to appreciate what you have,
but not at the expense of the things that really matter...
your family and spirituality.