Wednesday, June 25, 2008

specially dedicated to chiang

stup chiang...
he celebrated my birthday last year...
and yet..den confused my birth date this year...
i'm wondering that izzit our birth date for every year is different??
perhaps..shud pass this ques to loi heng chiang!

Friday, June 20, 2008

what my birth date say about me

This is what my birth date say about me..
it's quite true rite..??haha

You usually think before acting which makes your life quite easy.
But you often are the one who give yourself a hard time by being paranoid.
People might not truly understand you but you are really nice to be around.
You are cheerful and friendly.
Your Love, Still water runs deep, that's what you are.
You always surprise others with your new character when you are in love.
Your love trap often comes unexpectedly and your love life is full of surprises.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


working during holidays is reli torturing..
while all the frens are enjoying..
i'm the 1 who needa work..
today is my second day of working..
reli feel like dying..damn damn..
regret of making the decision to work as a promoter..
standing there for 9 hours..gosh...i can feel that my legs is not mine..
another thing is really embarrassing..
dunno where to put my face..damn damn..
at first i choose this work bcoz of the high salary that really attracts me.. i understand the phrase of 'no free lunch'
the higher pay u get..the tougher the job is...
sigh..should have juz accept the data entry job at the first place...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


finished all da exams..and now is the time for me to relax...!!
i'm back in AT..everyday enjoying my life by sleeping and eating...
gosh...gonna become fat gal soon..
my plan on this holidays is make sure myself slim down..
haha...tis hols is going to be my busiest holiday..
doing nothing but juz exercise..
sigh..dunno can make it anot...i'm damn damn lazy..!
anyhow...juz went to swimming last sunday..
wanna learn swimming from frens..but at last ended up learning nothing..
we enjoyed our great time over there..and played volley ball in da water..
it suppose to be volley ball i guess..but at last it is catch and throw ball in da water..haha.
the swimming activity today suppose to help me in my plan of slimming down..
but ended up gaining weight...guess wat..we went to mcdonalds after tat..
and the scary part is..i ate 2 fried chickens,1 porridge.and fries and ice cream.gosh.
but nvm..who cares..most important part is i had fun!!