Thursday, July 16, 2009


sales sales sales..
mad mad mad...
buy buy buy...
laugh laugh laugh....
spend spend spend .....
broke broke broke...
starve starve starve....
slim slim slim...
happy happy happy..!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The WorST BiRthDAy On EArTh

had a great big disappointment on my birthday this year..
i wonder why.. why must i been treated like this..
no one can really understand my feeling on that moments..
its my birthday..
shouldnt i be happy on my day??
shouldnt i be treated like a princess?
y there's no laughters??
and y i cant see any happiness???
all that i had is just sadness.!!
crying for the whole day on your own birth day..
what's the feeling of it..??
i can really felt and understand right now...
one of my friend told me this..:
cecci , dont cry on your birthday...
if you cry on your day, you will be crying for your entire life..
then happiness will gone far from you..
be happy and make yourself smile..
enjoy your birthday as its your day..
the day where your mom, dad, and family cherish most ..
as they have you, the most precious gift from god..
yes.., its my birthday, the day where i'm born..
day where everyone smile happily to have me..
the day where everyone wants me to be happy...
a day where all my friends remember of me...
the day where all of them wishes me...
wishes me to be happy and delight..
but why..
i become the most stupidest gal on earth during my day..
letting tears dropping down my cheek..
no enjoyment, no happiness, no laughters..