Thursday, November 5, 2009

PhoBia 2 PreVieW ScReeNinG By Red Fm

haha..wat a lucky day for me :D stepping my foots at the top floor of 1utama shopping mall. i was thinking of watching the poker king at that time...surprise came when i was queuing waiting for my turn for ticketing, a girl wearing red t-shirt approched me and handed me phobia2 preview screening tickets..i was shocked at first and i guess she realised that. In order to make things clear..she started to introduce herself by saying she is Red Fm's crew..and the movie tickets is totally free.. i was just like " oh"..haha..silly girl having silly response.!.
Btw..i watched the movie before anyone of you does..kekeke..
The Movie Ticket

Gift bag from Red Fm after answering the Ques asked by the Crews correctly..keke..clever me!

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