Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Don't ForGEt

Remember The Times When You Stayed Up Thinking,
Looking Up Amongst The Moon And Stars?
Seeing The Northern Star, You Thought Of Me,
And You Thought To Yourself, He Isn't That Far.

Now Sometimes I Wonder If It All Were Just A Dream,
About A Boy And A Girl Falling In Love Together,
Only To Wake Up And Realize Its Actually Over,
That What Is Meant To Be, Doesn't Last Forever.

It's Really Sad When Two People Can Just Fall Apart,
When They Were Such Good Friends To Begin With,
I Truly Thought I Loved You With All Of My Heart,
But, I Guess Things Like Fairytales Aren't Real...

I Could Honestly Tell Anyone And Everyone,
That Every Time We Talk, I Fall Even More,
You Are Everything, The Light To My Sun,
Without You My Life Is Pointless.

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