Tuesday, July 6, 2010

i'll AlwaYs ReMemBer

If I see you and you acknowledge my presence;
And should our eyes meet in a solid glance,
I'll smile and wave a simple hello.
I might even converse with causalities of how we have faired,
But, only if you want that.

And, if you ignore my existence in the place where our eyes meet,
I'll smile still anyways, even if it's smaller and more hidden.
Should someone look into my eyes then,
They would see the memories dancing in my eyes that are glistening.
I would try to contain the tears as I think back to our forgotten and beautiful past.

However you wish to think of the glass of water; half empty or half full,
You must realize that no matter which you choose,
You will only ever be half correct.
Out weighing pros and cons will never work,
Because let's face it, there will always be both.

And, when I see your pictures, your gifts, or even think of a memory.
All of this will run through my head once again.
The happiness and the rough patches will always be there.
Whether I cry, laugh, smile, or frown at my thoughts;
I will always remember and hope that you will never forget.

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